Machine Learning for Parameter Optimization

Downtime reduction in manufacturing

Our team increased the output of a production line with 20%. Insights from machine learning led to actions avoiding line stops and an optimal set of machine parameters.

Dynamic pricing on travel platform​​

For an activities platform, we are building a dynamic pricing engine, which helps their partners to increase their revenue and occupation level. It takes into account static elements like location and activity type, but also dynamic data like the weather and the availability of other activities.​

Damage recognition on cars

We developed a solution to mark damage on cars, in order to automate the back-end processes of a startup that is connecting drivers with repair shops.

Production line speed optimization

For a manufacturing company, our team ran experiments at different speeds and combinations of machine parameters to increase line speeds with 30%.

Optimal balancing of free-floating service

For a free-floating car sharing provider, we developed an intelligent tool to optimize the balancing of their vehicles. A trade-off is made between the cost of rebalancing and of not being able to meet demand, while taking into account context factors like the availability of operators, peak demand moments etc. We also helped them to get innovation subsidies to enable this project.

AI-powered coaching chatbot

We are creating an AI-powered career guidance chatbot together with an education non-profit. It enables students and people looking for a job to get free and more intensive support in finding a suitable job that meets their skills and interests.