We support you to unleash your data and exploit its full potential with the help of AI and Machine Learning

Technical consulting

Groupe 239

There is a lot of buzz around AI and Machine Learning and it is not always clear what the opportunities and the challenges are. Understanding the state of the art and translating this to concrete business opportunities is critical. Organizations can lose a lot of time and money implementing the wrong tools at the wrong time. 

Data Factory is the AI-translator who shows you what AI and machine learning can do for your business. We discuss in length your business goals and brainstorm together on how AI can help you to reach them. We’ll asses how ready your organization is to implement these features based on the 5 axes of our AI maturity framework (AI super-team, Product Portfolio, Strategy, Development, Organization). We’ll give you a straightforward feedback and draft together a roadmap with concrete steps which put you on the right track to become AI future proof and reach your business goals. 

Data Engineering

Groupe 221

Designing and implementing AI and Data Science tools requires a specific technical skill set. Making sure all features run fluently and integrate seamlessly into your existing products or platforms is key. 

Our data engineers and scientists love nothing more than working on these challenges. Together we make a detailed project plan linked to the AI roadmap. Our data engineers bring their technical experience to work and make the first proof of concepts in no time. They’ll make sure the technical solution integrates smoothly in the existing systems in order to we can see the business impact from day one.

R&D Subsidy Application

Groupe 199

There are several opportunities our there to get funding from government instances which support innovation and development with AI. Due to the lengthy and complex application process, organizations are losing a lot of time during the application phase and fail to communicate the right message in the subsidy dossier and defense. This leads in most cases to a low chance of securing the subsidies successfully.

Based on our extensive experience helping our customers to successfully secure subsidies, we give you strategic and technical advice on the business case you want to present. We help you to write the subsidy dossier and guide you through the lengthy application process. We’ll prepare you for the defense of the dossier and by doing so increase significantly your chances of securing the required subsidies to start innovating with AI. 

Customized Recruiting

Groupe 219

Hiring a good Data Scientist or Data Engineer requires the right process and assessment. This is important because you want to make sure you hire the right person which is both a fit with your company culture but also with your technical requirements.

We help you during your recruitment process to assess the potential candidates on a technical level through several assignments and technical interviews. We’ll make sure they have the right technical skill set to complement your team with the technical competences you need.

AI Training & Workshops

Groupe 220

AI and Machine Learning requires a specific skill set on both a technical and managerial level. Having the right level of understanding and technical capabilities is a must to make sure your organization can fully use the benefits of these technologies.

We provide several standard trainings on explaining what AI is and what it can do for your business. We give custom made in depth technical trainings (coding, data infrastructure,…) in line with your specific needs. By doing so we want to demystify the buzz around AI and make sure your organization becomes self-reliant.