We turn your data into business value

We help you tackle business challenges and grow your company with Artificial Intelligence and data science techniques


Groupe 234

You wonder whether there is potential in applying Artifical Intelligence or Data Science technologies? We assess the potential based on business value and data availability, and define a roadmap with high-potential use cases.

Groupe 235
You think there is potential in a new technology, but don’t want to take big risks? We develop Proof-of-Concepts in an agile way to prove the value, and pivot quickly to a new approach or solution when the value is not there.
Groupe 236

You struggle to capture the value from your data science and AI projects? We help build the capabilities the team needs to turn the data & insights into value for the business.

Groupe 238
You run a startup or scale-up and want to innovate but don’t have the resources to do it? We help you make that happen along the full journey. This includes identifying the value, defining the approach, raising funds and implementing it to extract the value in an agile way.
Groupe 237
You know what AI is, and you’ve seen cool applications, but what could it mean for your business? What is possible with today’s or tomorrow’s technology? We train your management team so your company can lead the pack..


Focus on value

We always focus on business value first, aiming for 80-20 to extract a maximum of value in a short timeframe. This means easy solutions whenever possible, and advanced technology when needed.

Tailor-made solutions

We build tailor-made solutions using standard open-source building blocks, or partner up ad-hoc when it makes sense.

Experienced Team

Our team is built of experienced management consultants and business-say data scientists to deliver the impact we promise.


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