We turn your data into business value

We help you to take the first steps in the right direction to innovate and grow your business by implement AI and Machine learning! We’re excited about tackling your most difficult business challenges and help you to engineer the solutions which bring direct value to your business. 

How we support you

We discuss your business needs and asses your AI maturity. We will build together your AI roadmap and project plan to make sure the right solutions are implemented at the right time!

Our software engineers and data engineers develop and implement a minimum viable products (MVP) or new technical features which deliver valuable impact on your business from day one

We support you during the recruiting and technical assessment of your new data scientists and data engineers so you can build your own AI super team!

We help you to apply for R&D subsidies and boost your chances to financially support your AI adventure! We support you in writing the dossier and will give technical advice on the state-of-the-art and how to best implement these technologies into your subsidy project. 

We train your management and/or technical teams to demystify AI and to make sure you have the right technical capabilities (coding, project management) in house. We make sure your organization becomes AI future proof and understands how to get the most value out of these technologies.


Focus on value

We always focus on business value first, aiming for 80-20 to extract a maximum of value in a short timeframe. This means easy solutions whenever possible, and advanced technology when needed.

Tailor-made solutions

We build tailor-made solutions using standard open-source building blocks, or partner up ad-hoc when it makes sense.

Experienced Team

Our team is built of experienced management consultants and business-say data scientists to deliver the impact we promise.


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